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Alpha Trading is a Website with page views across the country from like-minded people who want to beat the Nifty Returns. Our target audience is diversified from Indian Retail Investors, HNIs, NRIs, Traders, Financial Advisors & Investors. If you want to promote your research to a right audience then this is the platform you are looking for.

Many new Technical Researchers write a report and wait for visitors to come to their website but many experienced researchers reach out others in the field with their amazing good content and built a name for them.

I would prefer articles from a technical researcher who are maintaining their own website. If you don’t have a blog please include a sample writing. Marketing companies should avoid trying getting free advertisement.

What We Appreciate

1. Original Content
2. Content backed by Research, Chart & Data. Opinions are easy.
3. Tell a Story
4. Have a Point
5. Cite your Sources

Benefit of Publishing Your Research

  1. Opportunity to Increase your business.
  2. Excellent visibility on our website.
  3. Charge Premium for your Products.
  4. Reach out, new Potential Clients.
  5. More Subscribers for your products.
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